How to Trade Stocks in South Africa

Stock trading is very interesting and it is one of the best ways to make money online. However, you can also make losses if you make the wrong Forex trading decisions while trading stock. The amount you can make from stock trading depends a great deal on your level of professionalism; you can make few hundreds of dollars or even make thousands of dollars, depending on how much of knowledge you have about stock trading. These days, anyone can become a professional stock trader; all you need is the right kind of information. In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how you too can start trading stock and making some cool money for yourself in the process.

The Best Brokers in SA

Get a broker

You can get a stock trader if you want to trade stocks easier. A stock trader does the trading on your behalf, which makes it easier for you to make money from stock trading. You will not have a problem finding a stockbroker. The stockbroker, aside from helping you to trade, can also advise you on how to make profitable trading decisions.

Find the right service or website

One other way via which you can trade stock is by registering on websites dedicated to that purpose. You should consider this option if you prefer to trade by yourself and not through a stock trader. Such websites will allow individuals to trade on their platforms and they will act as your broker. The brokers allow you to trade on your own, which will give you complete control over your trades, as well as, enabling you to save some money. Some of the most popular stock trading websites around are highlighted below:

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Fidelity
  • E*Trade

Before you register on any of the stock trading websites make sure you properly investigate the websites to determine how reliable the outlet is. Some of the platforms provide helpful trading advice, while some other ones provide tutorials to the trader. Some equally allow you to deposit and withdraw via debit cards, while some other platforms can even give you access to mortgage loans. You can consider the benefits offered by each of the outlets before you choose the right one to patronize among them.

Make use of market orders

When trading stocks, you can decide to buy or sell using a market order. It means the stock will be traded at the best price available at that particular time. However, you need to bear in mind that it requires just a little time for the sale to succeed and you may be given a different price if the rate of change in the market is very fast.

Stop market orders are also referred to as stop-loss order, which has a similarity to a market order, the only difference being that the stock will only be sold anytime it reaches a given preset price. This method is reliable for avoiding a loss in case the market is falling.

Trailing stop also important

One of the best ways to guide against a loss during stock trading is by using a trailing stop. You can use the trailing stop for setting the lower and upper limit at which you want to buy or sell the stock. This is one of the most useful tools any stock trader can ever come by since it offers protection from huge swings in the market.

Limit orders can help

You will equally find limit orders to be useful when you are trading stocks. Limit orders will create a particular price window beyond which the stock you are interested in will be sold or bought. This tool makes it a lot more possible for the trader to get better prices at which to buy or sell that particular stock.