Skrill Trading in South Africa

There are so many payment solutions out there today and Skrill stands a head taller than many of them. Skrill is a very popular payment solution and it is available globally. PayPal is also very popular, but PayPal places a restriction on certain countries across the globe and does not allow them to access the full services of the platform. This is never the case with Skrill, which can be accessed by virtually anyone from across the globe.

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Skrill started operations in 2001. The payment processing from one Skrill account to another is very fast. Payment is also highly secured on the platform. The registration process is top-notch and very simple, making it easier for all and sundry to register an account here even if they have never done so before. You will also not have to pay a dime to register a Skrill account; the account registration is 100% free. Each registered user is required to go through a verification, which helps prevent fraudulent transactions through Skrill.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will emphasize on more of the benefits associated with the use of Skrill and also enlighten you about some of the disadvantages, thereby giving you well-rounded information about this payment solution.


Skrill accounts are connected directly to the bank account of the client. As a result, those who use Skrill can make payment for products and services can pay directly for those products even if they do not have credit cards. This also means that you can use Skrill to deposit or withdraw money from your online trading accounts without even having credit cards; all you will ever need is the Skrill email address. What is more, you can use Skrill to pay in any currency of your liking. If you deposit US dollars in your Skrill account, for example, you can deposit money using that money denominated in US dollars in any other currency of your liking, like Euro or even in Yen; Skrill does the conversion automatically. This feature makes Skrill one of the best payment methods for international transactions.


While it is possible to transfer money from your Skrill account to your bank and vice versa, the bank-to-Skrill transaction is not supported by all banks; this, therefore, restrict the full use of Skrillin some countries. The support service is also very slow; the customer care agents may take several days before they respond to their customers. Before you use this platform for any transaction, you should go through the terms and conditions carefully several times to avoid hitches later.